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In our guide for the instruments piano, guitar and drums you will find information and tips on topics such as effective practice or buying advice.

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Do you have any questions? we have prepared some answers!

- My son is 5 years old and would like to learn to play the guitar. Is it too early?
 Yes! At the age of 5, children's physical development and mental ability to concentrate has not yet reached the stage where they would be able to meet the motor and theoretical requirements. If you start too early, there is a risk that your child will soon lose interest. That's why we always recommend early music education (musikalische Früherziehung) or "Musiktiger" under the age of 6.


- How much do I need to practice?
 It is important to practice regularly (at least 15 to 30 minutes a day). In any case, it is better to spend a few minutes on the instrument every day rather than an hour at a time once a week. You don't have to be a prodigy to play something beautiful. Often diligent and disciplined practice is enough.


- Do you also come to my home for lessons?
Unfortunately not. And we wouldn't recommand you. Experience shows that children are often very distracted in their familiar home environment (e.g. the child's room is not always tidy and the little brother is still watching TV while the homework is still open on the desk, etc.). In addition, our classrooms are well equipped: a grand piano or upright piano as well as guitar amplifiers, microphones for singing lessons or e-drums and an acoustic drum kit are available, as well as a blackboard, iPad, metronome, sheet music and textbooks.


- Will the cancelled lessons be made up?
 If a teacher cancels a lesson due to illness, performance or otherwise, a make-up lesson will be suggested to the student. In case of cancellations on the part of the student for private reasons (class trip, illness, etc.), it is not possible for organizational reasons to offer a replacement date.

- How long does it take until I can play something "Nice" on my instrument?
 That is the big mystery! There are as many answers to this question as there are individuals on our planet. Each person is unique and progress on the instrument depends on a great many criteria, first and foremost the time you can invest in it at home!


- Why do I have to pay during the school vacations, even though the music school is closed?
 The annual fee is paid in 12 equal monthly installments. This is made up of 36 school weeks per year. Example: 36 music lessons (á 10 €) result in 360 € per year. Divided by 12 months results in 30 € per month. The vacation regulations of the Hessian Ministry of Education apply. Further details can be found in the corresponding registration form.


- I don't know if my child is talented. Which instrument is most suitable?

 Every child is more or less musical! But much more important are diligence, ambition and daily practicing. The classic introductory instruments are: Piano, Guitar, Violin & Flute. If your child does not have a specific instrument of choice, then the "MUSIKTIGER" orientation class may help. You can also just start with one of the instruments mentioned and it will become clear in a few months whether it is the right instrument or not.
By the way: You can always easily change to another instrument at the end of the month.


- I would like to learn to play the piano. Do I have to have a piano at home?

 You definitely need an instrument so that you can practice at home every day if possible. Now, however, a piano is not possible for everyone, whether for financial reasons or because of the neighbors! In general, a "real" piano is recommended in the first place. There are also pianos with the so called "Silent-System" or mute-system, with which you can still play with headphones (click here).

A digital piano (not a keyboard) can only be considered as a compromise if it has certain minimum requirements (e.g. weighted keyboard or wooden keys). Nevertheless, an acoustic piano remains the first choice, of course.

A piano can often be rented for 30 to 50 € per month from a specialized store. And finally, a tip: Stay away from used instruments on E-Bay!


- Can we copy notes?

For a flat fee of € 12.00 per student per year, music schools can acquire a license to use and make photocopies of sheet music from GEMA. This relatively small fee brings great advantages for our music students. This allows our teachers to use and photocopy sheet music flexibly and spontaneously in class. And that may save you having to buy one or two music books. The mechanical duplication of "copyrighted" notes (regardless of whether by photocopying or using other techniques, such as scanning, faxing, display on screens) is prohibited without exception according to Section 53, Paragraph 4 of the Copyright Act without the consent of the author. The author is not always the composer, but much more often the publisher. There are no exceptions, not even for private copies.

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