What are the advantages of online lessons?

We also offer online lessons upon request. Due to pandemic face-to-face and online lessons can alternate every 7 days. Or if a hindrance (e.g. a defective car, bad weather or a slight cold) interferes, the lessons do not have to be cancelled because of this, but are moved to your living room!


Online lessons can also help in pragmatic cases. As an example, the parents live apart and the child is in Frankfurt for one week and out of Frankfurt for another week. In this case, the lessons when the child is further away can take places online.


These are your advantages at a glance:

- No cancellation of lessons in case of illness or quarantine
- Save time in case of a longer journey
- Lessons can also be held online at short notice due to weather conditions
- No cancellation of lessons if parents are unavailable or busy

Registration for online lessons:


Step 1:

download the Microsoft Teams app for iPhone, iPad or Samsung.


Step 2: 

have us send you an account ID with a randomly generated password. You can request your ID password here.

You will then receive your ID and password from us

sent to you by e-mail

Step 3:

make a video call to the classroom at the right time! Here you can find instructions (click here). The handling is very easy. 



If you have any questions, please contact us at


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