Musikschule Clavina
Musikschule Clavina

Our Team

Clavina Music School is a free music school (member of bdfm e.V. and Con Brio e.V.), financed solely by private funds, without any state or municipal support.


With an international team of professional music teachers and music educators as well as well-equipped classrooms and a large rehearsal room for bands and percussion lessons, we offer the perfect environment for music lessons in all instruments and styles: Classical, Jazz, Rock & Pop. The range of lessons is aimed at children and teenagers, but also adults. The pedagogical focus in instrumental lessons is mainly on individual lessons. Of course, you can borrow a rental instrument for the initial period.


In addition to instrumental lessons, the Clavina Music School already cooperates with various schools as well as kindergartens in Frankfurt and the surrounding area.


Our teachers:

With an international team of highly qualified teachers, we offer you the best possible conditions to learn your desired instrument!

Hier finden Sie uns

Musikschule Clavina
Königsteiner Str. 41
65929 Frankfurt am Main


069 - 24140530

(10:00 Uhr bis 18:00 Uhr)


Persönliche Beratung

Montag bis Freitag

15:00 Uhr bis 18:00 Uhr

oder nach vorheriger Vereinbarung

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